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Protocol and Consent templates are attached below to facilitate your center's submission to your institutional review board. Manual of Procedures and respective forms for patient enrollment and follow-up are attached for you to download to facilitate documentation.

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Form Name File Type Size Download Print Version
Biopsy Report Form PDF 59kB biopsy_report_012508.pdf
Consent Template PDF 221kB consent_template_040708.pdf
Coordinating Protocol PDF 167kB coordinating_protocol.pdf
Data Dictionary Word 272kB data_dictionary_030608.doc
General Enrollment Form PDF 66kB general_enrollment_form_013108.pdf
ISOrTT Operation Manual Word 88kB isorrt_operation_manual_030108.doc
Kidney Enrollment Form PDF 64kB kidney_enrollment_form_012508.pdf
Kidney Follow-Up Form PDF 65kB kidney_follow_up_030308.pdf
Liver Enrollment Form PDF 62kB liver_enrollment_012508.pdf
Liver Follow-Up Form PDF 65kB liver_follow_up_030308.pdf